Parisian Cup Saucer
Parisian Pitcher
Parisian Pitcher

Dorflinger Glass Museum Special Exhibits 2016

2016 SPECIAL EXHIBIT: “John O’Connor’s Parisian Pattern, An Innnovative Design”

The Parisian pattern is still one of the most innovative designs in cut glass. As head of the cutting shop at the Dorflinger factory, John S. O’Connor patented the design in 1886. Its innovation was the extensive use of curved mitre cuts as opposed to straight lines. O’Connor is credited with developing the cutting wheel capable of making such V-shaped grooves. Adding curved lines to a pattern, led to the introduction of many elaborate and beautiful designs. This exhibit features a variety of shapes and forms cut in this extraordinary way. Visitors can compare the pieces and see how cutters adapted a pattern to fit any number of different shaped glass blanks. The center piece of the exhibit is the original Patent document issued to O’Connor in 1886.